Laura Nelson, Realtor

Laura’s clients find her warm and welcoming and always trust her experience and expertise. One of the most likable people around, Laura becomes life long friends with her clients. 


A graduate of Brevard College, Laura had a career as a flight attendant with Piedmont/US Air before real estate When kids came along, Laura was looking for a change in careers. At the time, her General Contractor husband was building homes and needed a trusted realtor to represent and sell his homes. The rest is history.


Laura and her husband, Tim, have two sons and a daughter-in-law in training. One of her sons serves in the military and the other is in the sports marketing and management field. Tim has added a home inspection business to their family resume, and after 20 years in the business Laura has her own keen, experienced eye for home defects and repairs. She serves in the Winston Salem Rotary Club (Reynolda chapter) and is a member of a local non profit. She and her husband are very active in their church and serve in the worship band.


Laura loves to cuddle up with a great book and travel with her husband. She has a passion for volunteering and is always the first to raise her hand to help someone else. Laura could have written a dictionary as she is incredibly articulate and wellspoken!


Contact Laura:
(336) 462-8080

Laura Nelson