Neighbor brought Us Dinner

My daughter just had her tonsils removed and we also have a 3-month-old baby. My wife has been exhausted and our neighbor was sweet enough to bring us a dinner last night to ease our burden. We plan to pay it forward by preparing a meal for another family in our neighborhood.

dog got loose

Our dog had gotten loose and was missing for a day. Our family was brokenhearted and panicked. Thank you to a woman named Sarah who found out our lab, Roxie, and brought her home.

gentleman at Food Lion

Sometimes it’s the little acts in life that bring joy and happiness. I have 4 kids and my arms are always full. Thank you for the gentleman at Food Lion in Welcome who helped pull a cart out for me and told me I was a good mom. It made my morning!

Coffee for for my team

I’m an elementary school teacher and today an anonymous parent dropped coffee off for my team and me. “Perked up” my day and so I decided to pass the card along to a colleague who needed some help getting sub plans together.

drive thru

“I was in the drive thru line and when I got to the window, someone had already paid for my meal for my kids and me. It surprised me and warmed my heart so I kept it going by paying for the car behind me and passing the care chain card along to them in hopes they bless someone else too.”